SBP Guitar Tuition
My name is Sam. I've been playing guitar since 2009; building up a decent set of skills, learning my favourite songs, playing in bands, writing my own material and so forth.

Like most people, I've been around music for most of my life, but it wasn't until I heard my first Iron Maiden song that my interests really manifested themselves.

After that, I started to listen to all kinds of different music, not just metal, and I started to learn guitar so I could make music of my own.

Now I have decided I want to share my love of music with people by teaching them to play guitar too. I'm happy to teach whatever you want to learn, wether that means going for your grades, learning your favourite songs or help with techniques.

Learning anything new can be a challenging and, sometimes, frustrating process.  I offer a hands-on approach, making sure you're confident with what we're learning and helping you move along, rather than expecting you to keep up with me.

Once you get going with guitar, it becomes  exciting to learn new techniques, nail that solo or write your first song.

Your first half-hour session will be used to see if you have any previous experience and discuss what you want out of the lessons so I can plan ahead and be ready to teach you what you want to learn in a structured way, and for you to see if I'm the right instructor for you.
Teaching Guitar
I take on students at all skill levels. Don't worry if you've never picked up a guitar in your life before, or if you're an experianced player who just want help learning a couple of new songs. All lessons are planned around you ahead of time.
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